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Australia is one of the world’s most diverse natural places!

The earth is a remarkable, exciting place, packed full of animals and plants. It is estimated that the world has 5,400+ mammals, 10.000+ species of birds, 10,000+ reptiles (and growing), 7,300+ amphibians, 950,000+ insects and around 310,000 species of higher plants.
But did you know that most of these can be found in 12 countries? Unfortunately, many of these countries are also on the UN list of the worst forest-clearing nations.

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Interview with Sustainable Tourism Advisor, Björn Svensson

Björn Svensson has an impressive career as a tourism professional. On his ongoing journey in the world of travel and tourism, so far he has worked as a diving instructor in the Maldives and Thailand; managed dive centers in Egypt and the Maldives; produced visual and textual material for a number of tourism companies; guided walking tours and expeditions in Australia and Antarctica; worked with multi-lingual services for tourists and expats in Spain and the Netherlands, designed new ecotourism products, and done training, planning, and mentoring along the way. With him, Björn carries his Canon camera, and his talents of capturing the moment and craft the best compositions has resulted in countless features in magazines, guide books, and promotional material.

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10 Latin America Ecotourism Adventures For Your World Travel Bucket List

The Latin America ecotourism industry has expanded considerably over the last few decades. Practically every country from Mexico to Argentina is emerging as a premiere destination for outdoor adventure due to the region’s geographical proximity to the U.S., inexpensive prices, peaceful political situation and abundant natural resources. Best of all, because of their gradual transformation into world-class havens for eco-minded tourists, most of these countries haven’t fallen victim to overdevelopment, offering a relatively pristine cultural experience. Here are 10 ecotourism activities in Latin America that adventurous souls should add to their bucket list

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EASY ECOTOURISM TIPS: 10 Simple Steps To More Sustainable Travel

Whether you call it ecotourism, green travel, responsible travel, nature travel or ethical travel, the ethos oftraveling more sustainably is becoming an increasingly hot topic in the tourism industry. But if people seem to have a difficult time figuring out which name to call the “take only pictures, leave only footprints” approach, they seem to have an even harder time figuring out practical ways to do it. Here are 10 easy ecotourism tips so you can travel more responsibly and sustainably, not just for Earth Day but for every day!

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What To Do At Machu Picchu

At Southwind Adventures, we make sure your journey to Machu Picchu is special and rich in discovery. We’ve put our heads together with our top Peru guides Romulo Lizarraga, Rosa Garcia, and Francis Casapino to highlight what to do at Machu Picchu within the citadel itself. These local Machu Picchu experts have led visitors through the citadel hundreds of times. We’ve also gotten input from Dr. Federico Kaufmann-Doig, celebrated author of the definitive new book Machu Picchu: Enchantment in Stone

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Adventures with The Awesome Lady, Fiji

Vinaka Fiji’s volunteering programme educates and inspires in a beautifully symbiotic relationship between volunteers and locals in the remote Yasawa Islands, Fiji. The word ‘awesome’ is somewhat over-used but, every now and then, it is the most appropriate word to use to sum up a person or a situation. Take ‘The Awesome Lady’ from Fiji: if ever there was someone to inspire awe, it has to be Elle. Elenoa Nimacere is a truly awesome lady.

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A Typical Day at Pura Vida House

A typical day of vacation in Costa Rica for our non-tennis or golf playing friends starts just like most; sunlight and crowing roosters, followed by the growls of howler monkeys off in the distance, and then chiming song birds fill your room. The morning symphony, we call it here at Pura Vida House in Guanacaste, Costa Rica.

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Award-Winning Eco Resort Isla Palenque on Track with Sustainable Development Plan

By Yvonne Bauche

The award winning eco resort on Isla Palenque, 90 minutes from David, Panama opened its doors for the first guests this spring. The planned development aims to “create sustainability that is not only good for the land, but good for the people that will live on it”. Recently, IUCN also recognized Isla Palenque for practicing biodiversity and conservation in its siting and design.

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Morgan’s Rock Ecolodge Fulfills Visions of Sustainable Land Use

Morgan’s Rock Hacienda and Ecolodge’s motto is “playing with time, working with nature”. Owners, Eric and Carolina Poncon, say playing with time invites you to shift into reverse and drive away from the modern day hassles of itineraries, meetings, cellular phones and agendas while resetting your biological clock to countless sunrises and sunsets. The ecolodge is a 15-bungalow hideaway on a mile-long picturesque sandy beach, frequented year-round by nesting sea turtles.

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Digging Deep into Vietnamese History at the Cu Chi Tunnels

By Charles Barker

Seven million tons of bombs were dropped on Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia – more than twice the amount of explosives dropped on Europe and Asia in WWII. But amazingly, it didn’t work. Not only did the Vietnamese stubbornly fail to be destroyed, they won the war. How on earth could a relatively small, poor country defy the might of the most powerful nation on earth and send them packing? Ten minutes spent exploring the tunnels at Cu Chi about 40 miles from Ho Chi Minh City reveals the answer.

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