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[22 Dec 2010 | 2 Comments]
Ethical Travel: Travel as a Powerful Tool for Change

Travel is one of the biggest industries on Earth, and our economic power as travelers is enormous. When we’re mindful of where our money is going, we turn that power into political activism. Deciding which countries to visit—and where to eat, sleep and tour when we get there—are not trivial concerns. The way we travel has a real impact on the environment, human rights, and the way our home countries are perceived by people in other lands. Each year, Ethical Traveler conducts a study of developing nations and publishes the report “The World’s Best Ethical Destinations”.

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[8 Aug 2010 | 137 Comments]
2010 Innovation Award Finalist: Rios Tropicales

The project to help develop El Tigre into a sustainable community tourism destination met the goals of the Programme for South-South Cooperation (PSC). These goals include: Sustainable tourism, Conservation and Sustainable Use of Biodiversity, Access to Sustainable Energy and Efficient Energy Use, Sustainable Chains of Production and Consumption, and Gender Equity. The three guiding principles of successful PSC project candidates are Equality, Reciprocity and Participation.

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[8 Aug 2010 | 46 Comments]
2010 Innovation Award Finalist: Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association

Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association leads this project to bring first and innovative of Thailand Green Routes which all major supply chain and tourist destination will conform to sustainable standards to the market.CSR-MAP project bring good impact to Thailand sustainable tourism industry. Thailand benefits immensely from its position as a leading holiday destination for European tourists. However, Thai tourism actors agree that to maintain this position in the long-term, the industry must work to reduce the negative impacts of tourism on the environment and society.

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[18 Aug 2009 | 12 Comments]
Virginia Beach as a greener vacation destination

Virginia Beach, the most populous city in the state of Virginia, was recently featured on Mother Nature Network (MNN), highlighting the various environmental efforts by the city – from “Virginia Green Travel Month,” which was started this year by Governor Tim Kaine, to the xeriscaping garden on “Mount Trashmore.” We asked Pamela Lingle, Communications Manager of Virginia Beach Convention & Visitors Bureau (CVB) for more inside scoop on what the destination is doing to attract lovers of the environment and what’s in store for Virginia Green initiatives.

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[17 Aug 2009 | 9 Comments]
Developing ecotourism destinations – looking back and gazing into the future

By Carolyn Wild – It’s hard to believe I’ve been involved in ecotourism development for over 20 years now. I remember when ecotourism was such a new concept that the first articles in the travel pages of magazines and newspapers always went to great lengths to define it. The controversy over what ecotourism is and the debate about whether protecting nature through developing tourism is an oxymoron were prevalent then and they are still with us today.

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[14 Jun 2009 | 2 Comments]
WHL.travel Caring for the Destination program

By Len Cordiner, CEO, WHL.travel – WHL is owned and operated by a team from Australia, Canada, Czech Republic, Hong Kong, India, South Africa, Switzerland, the USA and Vietnam, working with local partners who do all the things best done locally (e.g. working directly with the local accommodation providers and with travelers), and WHL does all the things best done centrally (e.g. technology, web marketing). Generally, we seek out experienced local tour operators as our local partners, although occasionally we also work with local industry associations or NGOs.

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