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[12 May 2013 | One Comment]
Family-Friendly Galapagos Vacations

The incredible biodiversity of the Galapagos Islands is a draw for nature enthusiasts of all ages. If you are looking for a family-friendly vacation to the Galapagos that adheres to your green ideals, check out Ecoventura, a cruise company that operates out of Ecuador and who offers itineraries, in a child-friendly environment, that will appeal to the child in all of us. Throughout the year Ecoventura sprinkles departures exclusively for families into its schedule.

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[5 May 2013 | 4 Comments]
India’s Top Trekking Tours: Experience Thrilling Adventures, Colorful Cultures

By Rahul Sharma

The northern part of India is blessed with the beautiful ranges of the mighty Himalayas. Crowned with snow-dressed mountains, sheer valleys and mesmerizing green meadows, the Indian Himalayas preserve a plethora of natural beauty. Along with picture perfect sights, Himalayan ranges offer one of the finest treks for adventure tours. Read on to learn more about the thrills wrapped in the arms of these grand mountains.

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[24 Apr 2013 | One Comment]
Travel Advice: Make Your Next Peru Trip More Meaningful

Diane Valenti, owner and founder of Llama Expeditions, says their trips “are a chance for culturally curious travelers to make a meaningful connection with the people and the land of Peru”. Llama Expeditions tours offer full cultural immersion giving guests the opportunity to see how Peruvians live – to talk with them about their dreams and accomplishments, and to learn about the challenges they face.

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[8 Apr 2013 | No Comment]
Plastic Water Bottles, Begone! Travelers Against Plastic Campaign Launched

By Annika S. Hipple

Purchasing a plastic bottle of water or two while traveling may not seem like a huge deal on an individual level, but multiply that by the number of travelers crisscrossing the globe every day and the impact is massive. On a global scale, 2.7 million tons of plastic are used annually for water bottles. Of the billions of single-use water bottles consumed in the United States every year, 86 percent end up as litter or in landfills; in many countries this number is even higher.

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[3 Apr 2013 | One Comment]
A Billion Baby Turtles

By J. Nichols

From the moment an egg is deposited in a sandy nest on a tropical beach, to the first time a baby turtle touches the sea, to decades later when she returns as an adult to lay her own eggs on very same beach, life is an endless series of life-and-death challenges for a sea turtle. Nature is stacked against survival, which is why a mother turtle lays thousands of eggs during her lifetime in order to simply replace herself.

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[31 Mar 2013 | 3 Comments]
Get to Know the Real Crete: Responsible Tourism in the Greek Islands

As the most southerly of the Greek Islands, Crete enjoys a long, hot summer and an even longer tourist season, thanks to its classic Mediterranean blend of sun-baked beaches, inland flora and the bright blue of the Cretan Sea. But this island has a distinct history and its people retain a deep sense of heritage that goes far beyond the resorts of the eastern shores or cheap flights to Heraklion. Look elsewhere and you can help sustain the Crete of ancient civilisations, culinary traditions and warm hospitality.

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[24 Mar 2013 | 2 Comments]
Dead or Alive: The Promise of Tourism For Shark Conservation

By Brad Nahill

When many people hear the words “shark” and “tourism” in the same sentence, the first thing they think of is how to avoid them. Unfortunately these people are missing the opportunity to witness and learn about one of nature’s truly astounding creatures. While shark attacks are real and many movies and media outlets capitalize on this fear there are common sense ways to avoid danger and have a great experience while contributing to shark conservation efforts.

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[7 Jan 2013 | 2 Comments]
Exploring A True Wilderness in Peru’s Manu National Park

Manu is one of the most remote parts of the Peruvian Amazon that is still accessible to travellers. It takes 6 hours from the closest town by car and boat to reach our lodge. It is this remoteness that makes Manu such an attractive place to visit as unlike the more accessible regions of the forest, Manu is still a pristine wilderness that has been barely touched by human development and is teeming with wildlife.

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[26 Jun 2012 | One Comment]
How Exactly Do Tourism Dollars Support Conservation?

By Joe Ascanio

By supporting efforts to protect endangered species through fees and donations, conservation tourism aims to benefit local communities; increasing awareness and appreciation for our planet’s environmental and ecological concerns while delivering a much-needed sustainable source of revenue for conservation efforts. However, it can be difficult for travelers to accurately determine just how much of their financial commitment directly benefits conservation projects.

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[15 Jun 2012 | One Comment]
Behind the Scenes of South Africa: The Expedition Project

By Roger Wynne-Dyke

As part of a new initiative, Roger Wynne-Dyke and Maddy Savitt have been travelling to the lesser known parts of South Africa to see if there is more than meets the eye, if there is beauty outside of Cape Town, animals outside of Kruger and contrasts outside of the Garden Route. They were sure they would find an easy yes to that answer but what they really found was a whole new country, a country full of smiles, cultures, smells, flavours, tastes and so much genuine hospitality.

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